Strength is power. These inspiring women overcame personal obstacles, transformed their lives, and became Curves Strong through the motivation, support and guidance of their coaches and community. Get inspired and feel the power with the videos below!

  • Ruth Eggers
  • Weight Lost: 8
    Waist Size Lost: 10
"I’m convinced that Curves has helped me recovery more quickly from several health issues."

My name is Ruth Eggers. I’ve been a member of Curves for about 4 years. I’m convinced that Curves has helped me recovery more quickly from several health issues. Early in 2008, I had major surgery and was able to stand, walk, and generally recover mobility much faster than if I had not had the Curves workouts to strengthen my muscles beforehand. I am able to get up and down on the floor better than before I started Curves and my ‘blue’ periods seem to be much shorter. The Curves staff is always engaging and bringing laughter to the day.

  • Phylis Peluso
  • Weight Lost: 7
    Waist Size Lost: 16
"I still have not secured the personal goal that I set for myself, but I know with hard work, I will make it. The new Curves Smart program will help me to achieve my goal."

My name is Phylis Peluso . In August 2006, I made a very important decision to better my life. I joined Curves! I worked out for the most part at least three times a week, which was great exercise, but I really wasn’t losing weight. That is, until I joined the 6-week nutrition class the following spring which was offered there and taught by Rhea. I learned about the right way to eat with the proper nutrition and portions. This class was the beginning of my loss of weight, body fat and inches. I’m not going to say that I haven’t “slipped” sometimes along the path to success, but was “righted” to continue on my way, by the ongoing help of my little angel, Rhea, with her encouragement and support. Not only has Curves been a great support in these losses, but I have enjoyed many new friendships inside their doors. I have talked to other Curves members many times about what this class has done for me.

  • Jan Holdman
  • Weight Lost: 15
    Waist Size Lost: 20
"I felt better and for the first time in years have been able to go without taking daily medication for acid reflux."

My name is Jan Holdman. I am 64 years old and have been happily married for 46 years. I have two grown children and three grandchildren. I retired as a bookkeeper in 2003. After retiring my husband and I walked three miles a day, an average of four days a week. In 2005 due to a bad knee my husband was no longer able to continue. I had heard about Curves and decided to give it a try. After joining Curves I worked out an average of 3 times a week and sometimes more. Curves is a program that caters to women only. The trainers are well trained and helpful with machines when you have problems. I began to see muscles firm up and inches come off. The weight however was staying about the same without any real loss. In July 2008, Curves offered the challenge of joining the “Smart” program. This was a great incentive to push yourself to the next level while you were monitored by the computer. This program keeps you focused on the purpose of working out and I immediately began to see more results in the weight loss category. In September, Curves offered a nutrition class and I took advantage of it and signed up. That combined with the Smart program really began to make a difference. The key to it working for me was that it wasn’t a diet but changing my choices to healthy ones. I had been on diets before to only suffer with bad headaches and other issues because they were not balanced and did not agree with my metabolism. I immediately saw results but did not suffer the headaches or other side effects with it . I learned to read labels and make healthy choices and cut portions without being hungry all the time. I felt better and for the first time in years have been able to go without taking daily medication for acid reflux. This is something I only have on rare occasion. I feel so much better and an added benefit is that I get to go shopping for new clothes! I used to hate wearing belts and always wore my shirts on the outside of pants but now I can tuck them in, wear a belt and still breathe. It took me three years to truly get with the program but it works, is fun, and a great way to be healthier. I am anxious to see my doctor’s response at my next yearly check up!

***Curves Complete members can expect to lose, on average, 10 lbs. and 3 inches over 13 weeks.